A message from Hatsumi Sensei

Hello, I am sure that all of you are very well. Time certainly flies, it seems to be around 40 years or so ago since Takamatsu Sensei passed away. I won’t say accurately since I am far past the age of counting years.

I am grateful that you are all doing well and keeping the Bujinkan alive and thriving. The most important thing is health. So I hope that you are all eating some delicious foods and drinking some good sake and enjoying a few bad habits! But you must all stay healthy. Like me! I will soon be 90 years old.

I would be very happy if all of you could work together, through the Bujinkan, to watch over and protect an enjoyable and happy life for all of humanity on earth.

Ganbatte Kudasai, Keep going and good luck!


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