The Daily Mail just posted a report about trusting your gut instinct, your first thought. Don’t doubt yourself. Here is the link if you would like to read it:

Why we’re right to trust our gut instincts: Scientists discover first decision IS the right one

Question, is the scientific report right? I believe that the answer to this is much deeper than what the science says. I’ve known or heard of many people who go with their ‘first instinct’ to gamble on something, whether it be an important life decision or at the track on a bet, and have come out on the bad end of the deal. Why? The scientists say go with your first instinct though…as always there is more to this.

Going with your gut is definitely the way to go IF you are tuned into your body and the universe. If you are ‘clear’ and ‘focused’ and you have the habit of practicing and listening you can go with your gut as to most people in our society who go with logic and the facts and worse of all emotions which are usually negative. Actually, I believe going with your gut is the shortcut to getting where you want to go as your inner you or universal energy or whatever you choose to call it does know and can guide you to where you want to be BUT if you are full of negativity, stress and other mental crap you won’t get a ‘clear signal’ and won’t know what to do. Instead, you will be making decisions, as I mentioned above, based on emotions or because you’ve been conditioned by society to think or act a certain way.

Bottom line, before making decisions, in particular, life-changing decisions step back, re-frame, get clear, look within and listen to your gut. You will save yourself much pain and suffering. You will avoid the wrong marriage, the wrong job, etc and maybe actually find who you really are.

I have created a list of resources on my site: if you wish to delve into this more.

If you really want to dig deeper and break free from societies, parental, cultural thinking get ‘How I Found Freedom in an Un-Free World‘ for the ultimate primer on breaking free and thinking for yourself and how to remove just about all stress from your life.

Until Next time!

-Collin aka Tenguka

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