The next in line for the Gyokko Ryu forms…..Hanebi.

This technique’s name comes from the Asian tradition of jumping and running through fire. This custom can be found all throughout Asia in many different forms, but they all basically deal with building courage, facing your fears and overcoming them. The term “Hanebi” is used extensively in Chinese and Japanese to mean sparklers, the spark from a spark plug, jumping or flying over fire and even the hoop of flames you find in the circus for the tiger to leap through. This technique takes this name because of the courage it takes for one to turn and face his opponent when grabbed rather than run away and also because of the leaping motion involved when switching from the inside wrist twist to the outside wrist twist.

The opponent grabs my neck from behind.
I turn my body to the left while dropping my hips.
With my right hand I grab the opponent’s right hand in “Ura Gyaku” style grip.
The opponent kicks at me with his right leg.
With my left arm I block the kick and quickly take the opponent’s right arm over my head and apply an inside wrist lock for a moment, then while leaping and turning my body I change the inside wrist lock to an outside wrist lock (Kuden-oral transmission).
As I drop the opponent to his back I kick to his chest area with my right leg.

Remain aware.

Note: This technique should be practiced while walking, standing, being pulled or pushed, etc.

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