“Training is a promise. You trust that your partner won’t hurt you, and you do so in return. Take things slow and practice them properly. It will do you no good to create bad habits by practicing improperly. There are countless ways to punch, but as uke, you should punch straight and true for the benefit of your tori-none of those tracking, missile-like punches that float all over the place. That type of punching does not benefit anyone. Just punch straight, and if your tori does not move at the right time and at the right distance, he will get hit. And you, as an uke, should not be afraid to be hit. There is no shame in being hit. Even I, as I show techniques, am occasionally hit. This is a part of the learning process. In a real fight, you will be hit and you must not be shocked by contact. Being hit lets you know that you did something wrong and need to work on it until you get it right. Simply practice properly.”

– Nagato Shihan


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