” The important thing in Martial Arts is not victory, but survival. The most important techniques of the Budo are those that protect life, this is why, it is said that the true and ultimate secret of Martial Arts is “win without fighting”. Takamatsu Toshitsugu Sensei wrote:
• Learn first that any difficulty you have to endure is only temporary.
• Always behave properly.
• Do not entrust yourself to greed, indulgence or selfishness.
• Pain and hate are part of life; also understand that they are gifts from the Gods.
• Never deviate from the path of faith or of martial arts. Aspire to keep you on both paths, the one of the pen and the sword.
In this five points are the essence of the Budo and Ninjutsu.
The ninja was the one whose existence expressed the spirit of the Buddha. He protected himself and his family, not with the techniques of murder but rather with sensation and consciousness. He avoided unnecessary conflict, even if he was armed with a sword he sought a way to solve the situation without having to stain it. These were the real techniques of Ninjutsu. This was the art in which ninja trained persistently throughout his life.
Ninja did not value survival based on fear of death. The ninja exercised resistance throughout his secret life in order to protect his family and clan. His hard training gave him a strong but flexible spirit, as well as providing him with the necessary martial skills to face any situation. All of this with a sense of consciousness that is universally applicable. Ninjutsu is the ultimate martial art: a ninja does not show the intention of fighting and endures solely with some ” noble causes “, simply in the spirit of enduring the cruelties of both life and death.”
Keep this in mind during training and you will achieve the true Art of the Nin.

by Takamatsu Sensei



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