As Uke, your role is to die. But die well. Don’t throw your life away. Train well so you can deliver the best and most skilled attacks you can. You don’t want to die knowing you were “half assed.”Lol. 
You pass through the valley of defeat and death. You are then reborn as you repeat your role and attack Tori again and again.
Each time is a new moment, different from the other, yet you attack with the forever developing focus and conviction required of a warrior running into battle ( fudoushin ) while knowing you may die.
This process and mind set of uke is developing the warriors mind of living life in the now, enjoying every breath, and trying your best, knowing that at any moment, you could die. In a sense, you are learning the life cycle of reincarnation. Each time you return, you have been given a chance to improve on before. If you enter training with this heart, I feel it will be positive for your development in attaining the “right heart” of a martial artist.
Being Uke is an incredibly important role to understand. In many cases, it’s more important than being tori and executing waza. I currently believe that Uke is the path to understand Bushido ( life in every breath ).
Therefore, work at being a good Uke!

“If all you are is uke in your martial arts career and survive, you have succeeded as a martial artist!”
Nagato Sensei


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