Philosophy is important part of Warrior/Martial arts (WMA). Philosophy means also that I all the time question yourself.
I always teach my students, behind every techniques, there is psychology and philosophy. Without understand this you cannot understand a combat, you cannot understand a survival, protection, defense.

The first law in your life is survival!!! Period!

So, to understand survival, you must love yourself! You must love your life to give your best for survival.
Because you love yourself, you want to practice Warrior arts for survival, for protection for self defense.
(Please understand, meaning love yourself does not have nothing with ego!!!)

So, if you love yourself, love Warrior/Martial arts (WMA), then you must give whole your love, to be good in what you learn and practice!
When you practice and learn, your heart push you to do what you love, your love for practice and learn, push you that you give your best with your mind, heart and body (Shin, Gi, Tai) so you can survive.
Love for practice and learning push your mind to grow up. Love for practice and learning push your heart (emotions and will) to do your best over your limitations. Love for practice and learning push your body to do things what you can do your best with the body for protection and self defense.

If you find excuses to not do things, in this case practice, learning, training, growing, then you do not love properly or at all.

If you love what you do, in the worse cases, you will do your best, if you do not love and you do not want, you will always find cheap excuses and you will not do. Then every other time you would find easier and easier excuses to not to do what you want or need.
So, WMA teach you power of mind, heart and body, teach you will and discipline. Because you love to do WMA, because you love your life!

When I join Special Forces to protect and defend my Homeland my country, I done it because of love!
Because I love my Croatia Homeland, because I love people, because I love my family and friends, because of many love. So, my Warrior arts which I practiced and learned since I was kid, helped me in that, in survival, in protection and in defense.

When I was heavily wounded and lost my leg, my love for my WMA, helped me to recover quickly and to do things which most of health people cannot do. So, I continue to practice, to learn and to training and give more and more of myself.

I opened a Dojo, and teach people, hold many seminars around the world, because I love people/students, and I love to share my knowledge, experience and skills, to help people, to understand survival, self defense, protection, so they can protect themselves, because they love their life, they love their families and friends to protect them.

I still teach military and police forces around the world, because I love this profession, I love to help my comrades, my brothers in arms, my colleagues, because I have been there and done that job, I fought for life, I fought for brother next to me, I fought for love, I fought what we protect and what is behind us.
So, without love, you cannot love yourself, you cannot love your life, you cannot love your Warrior/Martial arts, you cannot do nothing in life!

Everything in life is connected with love!
Takamatsu Toshitsugu, Mongolian Tiger and Soke, point that: “Heart (LOVE), push us in everything what we do in life!”

My teacher gave me a name ShinRyu (Dragon heart) and gave my Dojo name Bujinkan Seishin Dojo: “The place where training a Warrior with truly Heart!”
I am proud of that. Love and heart is always around.

So, whatever you do in your life, do it with your sincere, truly and righteous heart, do it with love and then you can do your best!
Heart always know what is sincere, truly and righteous!

Dean Rostohar Shinryu
Bujinkan Croatia
Bujinkan Seishin Dojo




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